Friday, June 20, 2008

Great New Toy For Summer Travel

As we prepare for our summer travels, we have come across a great new toy from Leap Frog. The new Leap Frog Tag system allows children ages 4-8 to read a book while Mom and Dad are driving (or flying). The tag system is an electronic pen that the child uses to highlight words in books and the pen reads the word. The child can also choose to have the whole book or just a page read to them. Games and Activities are also included. The book selections with the system are fantastic. From Diego, I Spy, Disney Princess, Cars, Miss Spider, The Little Engine that Could (I could go on for a while) to National Geographic Animal Cards. My two year old will love to hear about the animals and their sounds on the animal cards. I will report back on the success of the toy with my children. You can purchase it by clicking here (enter leapfrog tag)

My other great find is for our two year old. The Snack and Play Travel Tray straps over the child's car seat and provides them a table to play, color or eat on. The new tray is made of a foam and has been crash tested for safety. The tray can be purchased by clicking here (enter snack tray)

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