Friday, May 30, 2008

Car Seat Strap Position

When my daughter was a baby, I remember reading about car seat straps and there was a difference in where the strap should be if the car seat was forward facing or rear facing. As my son has now switched from rear facing to forward facing in the car seat, I have been trying to remember what I read all those years ago. Finally I found the information again on the Dorel Juvenille Group (maker of Cosco, Eddie Bauer and Safety 1st Car Seats) website.

Forward Facing Car Seat
For a child that is in the forward facing toddler position, the straps must be even with or above the child's shoulders.
Rear Facing Car Seat
For an infant that is rear facing, the harness straps should be even with or just below the baby's shoulders. If the harness is above the baby's shoulders with the straps in the lowest position, do not use the car seat until the baby grows into it.

SmartToyChoice has expanded its toy recall service to include other children's products including car seats.