Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Day for Lead Paint Recall in Children’s Products

Today the CPSC issued seven new recalls on children’s toys and other products due to excessive lead. The recalls included the following:

Pirates of the Caribbean Sleeping Bag (sold at Disney Stores)
Tinker Bell Wand (sold at Disney Stores)
Basic Beat Shaker Guiro Instrument (sold by West Music)
Sure Grip Yellow Paint Brush (sold by Early Childhood Resource Distributors and to Teacher Supply Stores)
Floppy Friends Horse Toys
The biggest lead paint recall today included over two million magnet sets by United Scientific sold to schools for use in science classes. These magnets have been sold to schools for the past 12 years (sales started in October 1996). An additioin 87,000 magnets by American Scientific were recalled for lead and these were sold to schools since 2006.