Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lead Toys Made for the Mouth of Older Children Recalled

Most parents with children older than pre-school age have ignored many of the lead paint recalls thinking that their children don’t put the toys in their mouth. Unfortunately today, we see why all parents need to pay attention to the recalls. Almost 30,000 “Hillbilly Teeth” sold over the past three years were recalled for excessive lead paint in the teeth. (These are toys obviously put in the child’s mouth.) And Michaels today recalled over 300,000 seasonal writing pens for excessive lead. I don’t know about you but as a child, pre-teen, teenager and sometimes even as an adult, when I am writing I will stop and put the pen in my mouth.


See scrolling pictures on the right side of this blog to see more toy recalls and other child product recalls.

Toys"R"Us Offers All Natural Toys

Toys”R”Us joins the going “Green” trend. Today I received a monthly coupon mailer from Toys”R”Us that includes the introduction of their new ALL NATURAL TOYS. The natural toys include a Formula Car, Racing Car, and Shape Sorter made from natural, replenishable materials that are chemical free, forest friendly, and eco-friendly.

They are expected to add natural cotton plush animals and Organic Cotton dolls which are colored using natural or water based dyes and made with unprocessed, unbleached and untreated cotton and are expected to be available by Earth Day, April 22nd.