Monday, March 31, 2008

The Words of a Five Year Old on Toy Recalls

As I prepared the Quarterly Newsletter today, my five year old daughter oohed and aahed over the pictures of toys I included in the newsletter. She would say - "Oh Mom - the Cinderalla Car looks so neat - and I would respond - "sorry, that has been recalled." Then she would say - "Oh Mom - look at that neat coaster" (referring to the Magtastik Wonder Coaster) and I would respond - "unfortunately that toy has been recalled too." After the third toy she asked about and I responded that it was part of a toy recall, my daughter exclaimed - "DON'T THEY MAKE ANY TOYS THAT AREN'T RECALLED!"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Plan Toys - The Green Company Recalls Toy Penguin

Yesterday, Plan Toys - Green Toy -Green Company, recalled their Toy Penguin due to a report of the head detaching and sharp connectors posing a laceration hazard. This recall from a "Green" Company supports the following SmartToyChoice "Ten Toy Recall Myths":

Only "toxic" toys are recalled
Not true. While lead paint in toys made the headlines in 2007, they accounted for only 41 of the 81 recalls, which was for just 4 million of the over 27 million toys recalled. The other 23 million toys recalled were due to magnets small enough to be swallowed, toys causing lacerations, severed fingers, burns, and loss of hearing.

Visit to read more toy recall myths that are untrue.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Products Recalled from Hobby Lobby

Easter Egg Toys sold by Hobby Lobby are the second recall issued this week after the massive toy recall of over 2 million MEGA Brand Magnetic toys by the Consumer Products Safety Commission on March 17th. The Camouflage Eggs and Spinning Egg Top Toys, sold at Hobby Lobby stores since the beginning of 2008 were recalled today due to excessive lead. Almost 200,000 Battery Operated Puzzle Vehicle Sets sold through QVC since September 2002 were recalled on Thursday for excessive lead.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update on Mega Brands Recall of MagnaMan and Magnetix Jr and Magtastik Toys

When I was updating the toy recall database for the Mega Brands Recall of MagnaMan, Magnetix Jr, and Magtastik toys, I noted that there was a discrepancy between the toys listed on the CPSC recall announcement and the Mega Brands recall website.

I contacted the manufacturer regarding the difference in toys listed and their reply was that Mega Brands recalled the entire line of toys so their site had the complete list of toys recalled.

If you are not already using the personalized toy recall notification service (as our database reflects the complete list of recalled toys), please note the following toys were left off the CPSC toy recall announcement - MagnaMan Drazor, MagnaMan Izor, and MagnaMan Captain One Eyed Jack - Mag Jr. Promo Pak, and Magnimals Bumblebee, Chick, Bunny, and Lamb.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Over 2 Million Toys Recalled Today

Over 2 million MEGA Brand Magnetic toys were recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission on March 17th. Various Magnetix Jr., Magtastik and MagnaMan Magnetic toys sold between 2005 and 2007 are recalled by the federal government due to magnets. The magnetic toys are recalled because there have been reports of the magnets detaching from the toys.

I URGE parents to use caution. I have heard too many times - my child doesn't put things in their mouth - but does their little sister? their little cousin who comes over to play? or in my case - my two year old goes on all of my five year old's play dates - and he still puts things in his mouth. So please keep in mind even if your child doesn't put things in their mouth, a child who is in your house might.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Senate Passes CPSC Reform Act

As a result of the record number of toy recalls in 2007, the Senate passed the CPSC Reform Act (S.2663 at with a vote of 79-13 on Thursday. Included in the bill are the following:

Add 500 people to the CPSC work staff (currently 400) by 2013

Hire 50 people to be at US ports of entry or to inspect overseas production facilities

Increase the CPSC budget by $450 million over the next four years

Create a public database of reported deaths, injuries and illness and require the reports to be added to the database within 15 days but the CPSC has the discretion to remove reports if they are found to be incorrect. The White House is concerned this “will result in a significant increase in wasteful litigation” and place “significant, unnecessary burdens” on the agency.

Create testing of toys by third parties

Require manufacturers to create a tracking label on the product or package

Reduce the level of lead to .03 percent in one year and further to .01 percent in three years. (Note surfaces not exposed to children under normal use are not subject to these lead limits).

Prohibit the sale of recalled products (currently the recalls are “voluntary”)

Increase civil penalties to a maximum of $20 million and criminal penalties of up to five years

Give state attorney generals the power to pursue product safety cases – this concerns the White House because they believe it could lead to a confusing safety standards

The Senate bill will still have to be reconciled with the earlier House bill before becoming law.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Albany NY Kidz Expo Results

We met many concerned parents on Saturday at the Albany Kidz Expo. Some were surprised to see the Cranium Cadoo game or the Baby Einstein Crib Toy on the list of recalled toys for 2008. Several parents realized that toy recalls are not just for the preschoolers when they saw their children's remote controlled helicopter on the current year recall list as well. We accomplished our number one mission on Saturday - to let parents know - toy recalls are still an issue.

Winners of the drawing for the free year subscription to SmartToyChoice were notified by email today.

Thank you for visiting our booth.