Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update on Mega Brands Recall of MagnaMan and Magnetix Jr and Magtastik Toys

When I was updating the toy recall database for the Mega Brands Recall of MagnaMan, Magnetix Jr, and Magtastik toys, I noted that there was a discrepancy between the toys listed on the CPSC recall announcement and the Mega Brands recall website.

I contacted the manufacturer regarding the difference in toys listed and their reply was that Mega Brands recalled the entire line of toys so their site had the complete list of toys recalled.

If you are not already using the personalized toy recall notification service (as our database reflects the complete list of recalled toys), please note the following toys were left off the CPSC toy recall announcement - MagnaMan Drazor, MagnaMan Izor, and MagnaMan Captain One Eyed Jack - Mag Jr. Promo Pak, and Magnimals Bumblebee, Chick, Bunny, and Lamb.

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